Ants In The Pantry
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date September 30, 2000 (Canada)
January 27, 2003 (United States; independently-aired episode)
Written by Richard Elliott and Simon Racioppa
Directed by Doug Thoms
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Ants In The Pantry (dubbed in Quebec as Un travail d'équipe) is the fourth episode of the first season.


An army of ants threatens to attack the family's picnic and George tries to stop them by himself.


  • After Harold dumps the batter into the tray holders and takes George out, he mysterious gets covered in flour and batter.


  • The title is a pun of the phrase "Ants in the Pants". Ironically, the title came from the Short of the same name starring The Three Stooges.
  • The French title of this episode is called, "Team work".


George Shrinks - Ants In The Pantry

George Shrinks - Ants In The Pantry


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