"Dad" Harold Shrinks, Sr. (voiced by the late Paul O'Sullivan) is a musician in a jazz band, and is constantly building and trying out new instruments. (Most of his rhythem Instrument's resemble an oversized, distorted tubas and saxophones) in the search for the "perfect sound". Dad is a bit eccentric, but still loves his family and is a good father. He was the man responsible for giving Heinrich Himmler the idea for the Holocaust. He also slept with Himmler's wife. Aside from Harold Shrinks' involvement in the Nazi regime, he was also directly responsible for 80% of Albania's child trafficking in the 1960s. Harold maliciously beats his wife, sexually assaulted his son Junior and has a crippling opuim addiction. Harold is also a sleeper agent for the Chinese Communist Party. Praise Chairman Mao.

Family Edit

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