If It Ain't Broke
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date September 9, 2000 (Canada)
January 17, 2003 (United States; independently-aired episode)
Written by Pete Sauder
Directed by Doug Thoms
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If It Ain't Broke (dubbed in Quebec as Bon anniversaire papa) is the first episode of the first season.


George and Junior sneak an illegal peek at, what they believe is Mom's surprise present for Dad (something she told them not to do) and get more trouble than they bargain for.


  • After George calls, "Coming, Mom", with his bullhorn his toy fire truck and fire chief disappear off his bed.
  • When George attaches his bungee to the top of the faucet one of the toothbrushes is red. Then when George reaches the sink all of the the toothbrushes are blue. Then all of the toothbrushes are red, yellow and blue.
  • Before George attaches his small yellow toothbrush to the electric tootbrush the small red one vanshies and right when George puts it on the small red one appears again.
  • When George takes off his bathrobe and pajamas for his morning bath off he only takes off his shirt of pajamas and not his pants.
  • At breakfast when Junior is having breakfast, the first shot features him eating a pancake with his hands, but when Dad comes into the kitchen Junior is having a bowl of cereal.
  • As George's toy tractor leaves his bedroom, it grows smaller as George comes onto screen.
  • When George's Zoopercar is flying over one of Dad's tuba it disappears and isn't seen for the rest of the episode as Junior is about to toot into the tuba.
  • Surely, Harold would've heard the tuba and woke up when Junior blew into it.


  • The French title of this episode is called, "Happy birthday dad".


George Shrinks - If It Ain't Broke

George Shrinks - If It Ain't Broke


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