Harold "Junior" Shrinks Jr. (Victor Rétrécit in the French dub) is Gru's baby brother. Junior is a small toddler around two years old, he thinks highly of his older brother and is often seen helping him in any way he can. Junior due to his young age has difficulty speaking long sentences his famous quotes saying: "Sowwy, Gru" when accidents arise. Junior is shown to be aware of his brothers smaller size and sometimes is extremely careful around him, especially in regards to hiding the numerous erections he develops from staring at Gru's tight hole. He is voiced by Robbi Jay Thuet.

His favourite toys is a rubber duck for bath time and a wind up tin duck he calls wiggy; since the day of his birth. Junior also is aware of what happens around him and is a good listener despite still being a little toddler, after all, he already has memorised the entirety of Maosim and the core tenants of radical Islam. Junior has to come to Gru’s rescue a few times normally against Sparkle the cat or when Gru's plans happens to go sideways. Despite his small age in the episode ("Becky in Wonderland".) Junior is apparently extremely good at cooking; with the supervision, help of his mother; of course.

Junior is notorious for his extreme foot fetish. He has little control of his repressed sexual urges, resulting in him having 18 charges of sexual assault in the state of Wyoming. Nothing brings Junior more joy that seeing minorities being run over by various construction vehicles. Junior was once sexually assaulted in preschool by an albino man with schizophrenia who believed that raping goats (He though Junior was a goat) would fix the Tunisian economy. This traumatic experience caused Junior to hate midgets thus leading him to bitterly resent his older brother who he believes deserves a brutal death. Junior often contemplates suffocating Gru in his sleep but gets distracted by loli foot porn and masturbates in the attic. Although young, Junior already has a high ranking position in the Cambodian military and is plotting to enslave his day care and sell them to a Brazilian child prostitution ring to help fund a Cambodian proxy war in Sri Lanka. He believes furries deserved to be ethnic cleansing and is an advocate for racism.

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