"Junior" Harold Shrinks Jr. (voiced by Robbi Jay Thuet) is George's baby brother, Junior is a small toddler around 2 years old, he thinks highly of his big brother and is often seen helping him in any way he can. Junior due to his young age has difficulty speaking long sentences his iconic quotes saying: (“Sorry George,“) when accidents happen. Junior is shown to be aware of his brother's smaller size and for some reasons he is fully careful around him.

His favourite toy is a rubber duckie for bath-time. He also has a wind-up tin duck he calls wiggy; since the day of his birth. Junior also is aware of what goes on around him and is a good listener despite him still being a little small toddler.

Junior usually has to come to George's rescue a few times against Sparkle the cat and also when George's idea happens to go sideways. Despite his small age in the episode: (Becky in Wonderland,) Junior Shrinks becomes very tall and is apparently is a very good cook with the help-supervision of his mom; Of Course!

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Junior has dark brown hair. He wears a blue onesie.

Family[edit | edit source]

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