A Day at the BeachA Star is ShrunkAll Along the Clock Tower
Ants In The PantryAunt EuniceBecky Lopez
Becky in WonderlandCan We Keep Him?Close Encounters of The Bird Kind
Coach ShrinksDog Sitting Miss DaisyDown on the Bayou
Down the DrainEllenEpisodes
Felonius GruFriends and AnemonesFrom Bad To Worse
George's ApprenticeGeorge-Lo-PhoneGeorge Shrinks
George Shrinks Plays BasketballGeorge Shrinks WikiGeorge Unshrinks
George vs. the Space InvadersGhost of Shrinks ManorHarold Shrinks
HelgaHilda and HenryHound of the Bath-ervilles
If I Ran the CircusIf It Ain't BrokeIn the Duck Soup
Journey to the Centre of the GardenJunior ShrinksKing Kongo
LizzyLost and Found ArtMigrate-est Adventure
Monster MashOn the RoadPerdita Shrinks
Return of the Space InvadersReturn to SenderRound Up The Usual Insects
Russell CopelandSkylerSmall of the Wild
Snowman's LandSpeed ShrinksSunken Treasures
Tankful of TroubleThe CadwellsThe Lost World of George Shrinks
The More Things ChangeTimmy and Jimmy FortevoceToy George
William JoyceZoopercar Caper
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File:George Shrinks - In the Duck SoupFile:George Shrinks - Journey to the Centre of the GardenFile:George Shrinks - King Kongo
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