Snowman's Land
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date October 28, 2000 (Canada)
February 7, 2003 (United States; independently-aired episode)
Written by Richard Elliott and Simon Racioppa
Directed by Doug Thoms
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Snowman's Land (dubbed in Quebec as Vive le vent !) is the eighth episode of the first season.


After a huge snowfall, everyone is having fun but a disappointed Becky, who has the measles and won't be able to make her annual snowman from the first snowfall. George decides to make one for her, but risks being lost in a terrible blizzard.


  • This is the second episode where George doesn't wear his regular clothes throughout the entire episode. The first was in Close Encounters of the Bird Kind.
  • The shot of George flying in his Zoopercar in the blizzard, while holding the hat for his snowman is mirrored.
  • The French title of this episode is called, "Long live the wind!".


  • During George and Dad's snowball fight, when the snowballs that fly toward Dad, in the first shot he has his gloves on, but in the next shot, the gloves disappear, the next shot, there back on again, the next shot they disappear, then again they're back on.


George Shrinks - Snowman's Land

George Shrinks - Snowman's Land


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